Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President-Elect, Barack Obama

When the Presidential race started over a year ago, I was rooting for one candidate whom I believed would have been able to carry us through. That was Hillary Clinton. She is experienced, well-educated, has had a lot of dealings with foreign policy and able to run a country and probably turn it around from where it is today. When she lost, I was devastated. I had to focus then on the remaining candidates whom I didn't really favor that much.

That was until we were left with Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain. I needed to listen carefully to what they both had to say. As time grew, I learned a lot more about Barack Obama and his stand on a lot of issues. I saw him as a well-spoken, highly-educated individual who didn't fold when confronted by an experienced veteran such as John McCain. He stood his ground and let the people decide. I started to like him. By mid-September, I already knew who I was going to vote for. It is Barack Obama. And I did vote for him.

The change we are about to face may come in painful strides. It may even get worse before it gets better. The reason why I voted for him was because I believe he is able to inspire all of us. He has energized this country like no other.

When he won last night and I watched him speak - I was almost in tears. I can say that I'm glad I voted for him. And folks, this is the very first time I have ever voted. I'm darn proud of it.

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