Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas is here. Happy Holidays Y'all!

This is my tree guys! Do you see that big log in the fireplace? Haha! I don't have an axe to chop it in fours... so I just threw the whole log in and YES - it burned for hours. Oh yes, it was warm alright.

For the last four years, I put up my tree with my ex-boyfriend two weeks before Christmas. It has become a ritual after our first year. We buy presents for the dogs and each other, we put up the tree and place the gist underneath. I spent three Christmas eve with him where we opened our gifts at midnight. The dogs have their share too. We let them open their own.

This year is different. There's no Pooh. It's just me... Bu. It's kinda sad. I enjoyed Christmas mornings with him. He spoils me rotten with gifts but I don't really care much for them. I am very simple really. I am content with what I have. It's always nice to have something you don't but you feel the same when you get it. Have you ever felt that? I have. So I stopped accumulating things. I would rather have Pooh (or some kind of Pooh) here. (STOP IT! NOT POO!) :D

Anyway - happy holidays everyone! Enjoy your families, and remember not to stuff yourselves. Otherwise, I will see you at the gym January 2nd! LOL!

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