Sunday, December 7, 2008

The holidays are upon us. What's your take on this?

I love the holidays. The holidays bring so much memories of childhood and of home. Granted, I am no longer "home" but the memories of home brings back warm feelings and comfort. I know that I can always go "home".

As time passes, we leave our so-called "home" and create our own. It's a blessing for most of us because most of us do get to buy or build our homes. Then, we make small gestures in our new home with the intention of taking a little piece of "home" we were familiar with. Sometimes, those little things create conflict but eventually it all settles down.

Have you created a "home" for yourself? Is your home a place that you want to come home to? Or is it something that you try your best to avoid? For some, it's because of reasons you don't want to discuss - - for others, it may be because it wasn't the home you thought it was going to be.

In any case, during the holidays - we should really set all that aside and go to back to the "home" that makes us feel good. A home where warmth awaits. A home where you would like to drink hot cocoa around the fireplace or the kitchen table. Bless someone this holiday. Come home.

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