Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's over.

Yes bros! It's over. My love affair with my trainer is over. ;) No, I didn't really have a love affair. I just had a grand ole' time working out with him, hanging out and flirting. The training I had paid for *(16 sessions) is now complete. I worked my butt off to get the results that I wanted. He - on the other hand - did his part as well to get me to where I wanted to be.

I feel a lot lighter and healthier in a matter of four weeks. I lost 10 lbs and I am ready to lose 10 more. I am not going to wait for my trainer to push me - I am motivated enough now. All-in-all, I think the benefit I tried to achieve was achieved. The only thing is, I am going to suffer from withdrawal from my trainer. He has really been a good friend and motivator at that.

The emailing has stopped, the text messages ceased. That's okay. I am not paying him anymore so why should he continue to communicate with me right? Okay, I'm a little bitter but I'll get over it. Life goes on.

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