Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let's Ring in the New Year with smooth skin!

Metrosexuality is here to stay. Some of the guys still look good and sexy with a little hair on their chest. But none of them look sexy with hair on their backs! LOL!

Some of you probably tried shaving and it could be effective. Once you start working out and would like to show the definition that you worked very hard for, it's better to shave the hair off your chest. But did you know that you can actually have the hair on your chest removed permanently? Regardless of your skin type, the gentle process of using IPL or Intense Pulse Light to remove unwanted body hair is easy and painless. You can have this process done at Laser Removal NYC.

Have you ever been to a spa? If you live in the Greater New York area, you may visit Laser Hair Removal NYC which is the number one spa for permanent hair removal for mane and women in New York. They have five physical locations and it's no more than just going to a spa for an R & R treatment.

What could be a better gift for yourself this coming year than a smooth chest and a defined body. If you're trying to make a list of resolutions this year, know that having a well-defined body and a healthy lifestyle can go a long way. Showing off your abs without having to go through the hassles of shaving could be one gift you will cherish forever. Don't think that laser hair removal is limited to your back and chest. You can have it done to your face, buttocks, arms, bikini line of even your full body. Wouldn't you want to have that smooth body you always wanted?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

And extending his 15 minutes of fame??? Levi Johnston's new set of Playgirl Pics leaked

Alright, it's not 15 minutes. I definitely think that Levi Johnston is a super hottie and if he can prove to act, he may be a Mark Wahlberg someday. If he concentrates, take acting classes and keep on auditioning - I would bet you that there will be lots of followers.

He's young, he's vibrant and that smile really gets me. Just don't bash gays and you will be fine. We're your biggest fan base.

To view more pics released, you may check them out here and here.

All American Guys' Josh Ohl - - Purrrrrfect!

Here at Maximum Male Beauty, we look for the guys who have features that are so flexible that at times you won't even recognize that they are the same person from photo to photo. Just like Josh Ohl from I chose him to be our Maximum Male Beauty of the month because his photos are like no other.

Height, Physique, Facial Features and photographic personality makes the grade. Josh can look at a camera and speak. He talks while he poses. Even a photo of half his face communicates with great prose.

Take a look. If you love him enough, download the wall paper below. Last photo on the set.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Levi Johnston's Leaked Playgirl Photos

Sorry guys! Hahah! Yes, I am one of the people who have been waiting for this moment. The moment that the photos of the non-frontal Levi Johnston become available online. And indeed! I want to share it with you all as well. Although the photos are not as explicit, I would still consider it NSFW. Heck, I think this blog is deemed NSFW... haha! Anyway, here they are: