Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gods of Football 2009 HD has been released.

In 2008, forty of Australia’s sexiest Rugby League and Australian Rules footballers were invited to pose naked for a calendar. Those players helped create one of Australia’s most
provocative fundraising campaigns ever!

Gods of Football 2009: The Making of the Calendars, records their remarkable transformation from sporting heroes to international male calendar models
Creative Director Pedro Virgil invites you behind-the-scenes as he photographs these sportsmen amid many diverse and beautiful Australian landscapes.

Gods of Football 2009: The Making of the Calendars grants rare and captivating access to the creation of this unique campaign and Australia’s hottest rugby and football players.

The combination of athletic physiques and iconic Australian locations are a visual treat! The DVD incorporates dozens of previously unseen photographs and 7 special Bonus Features.

Gods of Football 2009: The Making of the Calendars is not only a celebration of the art of male photography, but also of the goodwill of the players who supported The McGrath Foundation by posing ‘naked for a cause’.

By purchasing this DVD, you are also making an important contribution. Thank you.

Purchase the videos here.

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