Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Steven Leese Chronicles - Great Expectations

This is one of the emails the group received and you can tell by his tone that he is totally in love with his boyfriend, Jeremy. It is such a rockin' love story. (read below)

Sometimes in life it isn't what we are doing as much it is what we will do. I have to admit to being a dreamer. I rarely live in the present, and never have. When I was a young boy I would slip into deep day dreaming. I can remember my Mom trying to get me dressed in the morning. She would hand me my socks and I'd have one sock on and the other hanging on my toes, while staring into space. I slipped into a day dream so fast and so intensely that my mother thought something was wrong with me. She had to snap her fingers to bring me back.
Through out my life I've been the "what if-ish" guy ever. I used to drive my college professors to distraction with that. Always expecting to find some deeper truth or hidden agenda. These great expectations were rarely realized, but it never stopped me - it was my nature.
Now I expect to see my man in about 3 weeks, and that is as great as my expectations can be.

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