Sunday, February 8, 2009

What started all this...

Today, I was reminiscing and realized how the idea of this blog got started. I used to belong to a Yahoo Group called, Boing Bois. It was an attractive group because of my admiration of the male physique. The moderator of the group named Steven Leese - at least that's how I knew him. He was a prolific writer (at least I thought so) and each email that he sends would be some rant about what's going on with him, and his boyfriend Jeremy. It will also be accompanied by pictures of gorgeous-looking men.

I came to know him in 2004 through the Yahoo Group and eventually got to chat with him on YM. We became friends and instantly, we're talking about matters going on with our lives. It was fun to chat with him and I really enjoyed his friendship. He was quite mature for his age.

Then, in 2007 I was chatting with him and I talked to him about turning his Yahoo Group into a blog. I told him about the potential of earning a few cents here and there - and besides, he had over 2000 members in his Yahoo Group that could easily become followers of his blog. He did open a blog in 2007 called Obscured By Crowds. (continued below...)

At one point, he blogged about contracting a stomach virus and warned about the dangers of not washing fresh produce after purchase and contracting double-irreversible Ebola virus. At the same time, I was trying to make a deal with him about a Persian rug purchase from Bahrain (he lived in Bahrain for a couple of years working for the government).

After that post, he disappeared. I haven't heard from him through YM, there were no more entries. I left numerous comments on his blog and countless offline messages through his YM and received no response. Oddly enough, during my conversation with him regarding the Persian rugs - he got me in touch with his friend in Bahrain via email. Out of frustration, I contacted his friend in Bahrain only to receive this response.

I'm sorry you haven't heard. Apparently, he is seriously ill and in the hospital. I don't know much about the details but his boyfriend Jeremy got in touch with me to let me know. I'll keep you posted.

That was the last email I got and nothing else. It got me so worried sick to my stomach, I tried to get in touch with him a few more times. I never heard from him. (continued below...)

In my tribute to him, I will be publishing his posts here (yes, I've kept every single one since 2004) and you tell me what you think. He is really bright and handsome too! The idea of this blog actually came from him. He inspired me and look where we are now! 200K hits and rising. Thanks to all your support guys.

I will post his first email after this post... entitled.. the Steven Leese Chronicles. I think you will enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed them.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


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