Sunday, March 29, 2009

Maximum Male Beauty's Welcome to New Visitors..

To those who are new here, you have just arrived to the best Male Beauty blog around and now all the other blogs you belong to will start to bore you. I’m kidding of course. No one group could fulfill every desire, but I think I have a quality thing going here. Maximum Male Beauty is pretty laid back. You will not see 10 posts a day, 10 a month is closer to the truth. The posts always contain the hottest guys and I try to keep the quality high in all aspect. Additionally, I usually talk a bit about my life, my guy, and anything else that pops into my head (scary what pops into my head sometimes).

These are 10 questions I like to pose to every willing visitor. Call it a get acquainted questionnaire. I’d be very pleased if you answered and sent your responses to me ( No hurry - whenever you have the time.

1. What is you favorite gift every received from a lover?
2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
3. Are you comfortable in large groups?
4. Would you trust yourself to be king of the world?
5. What is the one trait or characteristic you cannot tolerate in other people?
6. Have you gone to a gym for any other reason than to working out?
7. Have you ever been arrested? If so, for what?
8. What is the one trait or characteristic you hate in yourself?
9. All vanity aside, do you consider yourself intelligent?
10. If we asked ten people you know to describe you with one word, what might be the most common answer?

Here at Maximum Male Beauty I try to keep a few interesting polls running and the galleries are full. It allows me the chance to bring a little sunshine into your life every day. I also occasionally find interesting stuff that I’ll post. I guess the point of this is to insure you know that visiting the actually web page occasionally is worth your time.

I’m an upbeat guy and if I can I will drag you to a happy place if it kills me. I love to interact with visitors as much as possible and I think you’ll find me a pretty straight shooter. I love to hear different perspectives and opinions; lock-stepped agreement doesn’t interest me. I will admit to being a bit intolerant with those who try to rationalize behavior that is clearly messed up. You can do and be whatever you want, just save us all the justifications. We all can’t look like Robert Buckley or Jake Gyllenhaal and life is a bitch sometimes, but the miserable, tortured fag routine was last century. Let’s dig our heels in, find the joy wherever we can, and get out and enjoy a life worth living.

PS, If you do look like Buckley or Jake Gyllenhaal, my number is 555-2361…lol.

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