Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Hotties - - Have a Great week peeps!

A very uneventful weekend for me. I'm really trying to live healthier these days. Quitting smoking is one of my biggest priorities. I have lost 10 lbs from working out with my trainer, and I'm trying to keep the weight off by eating sensibly and avoiding large portions. It seems to be working.

I went out with buddies of mine last Friday and I had a blast. I promised once again for the n*th time that I will no longer get intoxicated beyond my control. Ha! Look where it got me. My bad. I should really put some constraints in consuming alcohol. I actually didn't drink that much. It was due to the fact that I haven't had anything to eat for dinner when I went out. Wrong move. When you black out and don't remember the rest of the night, it's bad. No alcohol for me for the next month. Promise.

In any case, I have vowed once again not to do that specially for all the dangers that it poses. Thanks to my buddy Joey for taking me home for the night to ensure my safety. No friend would like to see anyone drive drunk. Thanks Jo!

I hope you all will have a nice week ahead. Spring is almost here - and yes, shorts and tank tops couldn't come soon enough.

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