Sunday, August 23, 2009

Peter Johnson in Chop Suey Club by Bruce Weber

I found out about this book when I used to sell items on eBay. I found a collection of Abercrombie & Fitch photos in one CD and I purchased it. Many photos of Peter Johnson appeared in the A&F catalogs (when it was still in circulation) and I found so much beauty in him. I searched eBay only to find out about a photography book done by Bruce Weber exclusively featuring a guy named Peter Johnson.

Peter was discovered by Bruce Weber at a tender age of 17 when he was a wrestler at a wrestling camp. He was documented in photographs by Bruce for the next four years and out came The Chop Suey Club. This book is now a collectible (I have an immaculately preserved copy of this book - still shrinkwrapped), and sells for hundreds of dollars. The book was only published once and is no longer in production.

Bruce Weber is the well-celebrated photographer of A&F catalogs, Calvin Klein, Versace, Revlon and Pirelli. He had other photography books that featured the male physique such as Bear Pond, A House is not a Home, and this one - Chop Suey Club. Eric Nies from MTV's The Real World series is one of his models.

He also went into film making, creating short films with Chop Suey being the longest film he created.

The photographs in this book includes full frontal nude pics of Peter Johnson, mostly in black and white and some in color. Peter Johnson, the hunk that he is - is so fitting to be included in our Male Beauty Photos blog. Take a look. I will be selling my copy on eBay soon - so keep an eye on it when I post it here. Watch the video after all the photos... interesting to say the least.