Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Dieux du Stade Collection 2010

When it comes to sports, you can't count on me. I have not and probably never follow any sports in my lifetime. Although, the World Series Championship had recently gotten me interested in baseball again (I used to watch loads of baseball games while living in Baltimore).

One thing that I didn't really expect before are the hot guys who play sports! I remember a buddy of mine who watched football simply because he likes watching the guys' behinds during the game! I thought that was funny.

If you've been following my blog, you may have noticed that I collect the Dieux du Stade DVD series. It is a video about the making of the Dieux du Stade (gods of football) Calendar. They have released many DVDs about this phenomenal calendar featuring Rugby/Football players from Europe in the buff. And it gets better every year. The 2010 Edition has been released.

These guys are super hot and unbelievably, they pose for the calendar in homoerotic positions and they don't even seem to mind. They see to be enjoying it and loved it! What's better, someone posted screen captures of the video.

I can only show you the PG rated ones here. Just look at how hot these guys are:

To view the NSFW screen caps, follow this link. Warning - NSFW (Not Safe for Work)

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