Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer is going by so fast!

I dunno 'bout y'all but this summer season is going so fast! I haven't even been to the beach yet! My weekends are full and I can't believe that we only have a little over nine weeks left and it's fall again.

I need to get away to a place where there's water. Otherwise, this will be the second summer that I will miss going to the beach. And that would suck!

My dream is to ultimately live by the water.. I don't care if you call it a lake, a river, an ocean or a beach... I want to live close to the water.

Why? Cause those dream guys who are shirtless and in speedos are just way too much to ignore.. hahahaha! Why do you think I have a Maximum Male Beauty blog? Cause I love guys! And you're here.. because you do too!! :)

So, enough about my disappointment about the summer going too fast... let's get on with the guys.

Hope y'all are having a great summer. Are you guys still reading my blog? No one is leaving me comments anymore.. :(

Here's to wishing you are...

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