Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Still on the road to fitness after two weeks? I hope so.

You haven't dropped off the gym roster just yet have you? You are still showing up with gusto and doing your "promised cardio workouts", three times a week right?

We all have our ups and downs when it comes to working out. The very secret that I discover is simply to get myself all psyched up to go to the gym. It actually helps a lot because now, I actually get excited when I go to the gym. And when you start seeing results (i.e. losing weight, getting muscle mass), you get more excited to go the next time.

There are ways to get excited and lots of ways to improve your performance at the gym. I follow a fitness trainer on Youtube and so far, all the workout routines that I follow are based on his training tips. You can find online fitness sites that offer free fitness programs and routines that would help you get back into shape.

Just remember, it takes at least two weeks of steady workout before you see results. Don't give up to easily. Once you see the first few pounds drop, believe me - you'll be encouraged to go back for more.

I've been going to the gym steadily since December and have followed through. Now, I am more excited than anything to press on.

Hope you all are feeling the same!

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