Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brazilian Male Models - There are plenty.

Never did I realize that I would be attracted to Latino guys. Maybe because I admire good physique or maybe because of the people whom I have met in the past that made me realize that Latinos are simply the best.

My trip to Brazil two years ago didn't prepare me for such eye-opening experience. I met one of the guys who, at the time escaped my realization that he's more famous than I thought. His name is DJ Pitt Garcia. He is a DJ and he often visits the penthouse I stayed in while I was vacationing in Sao Paulo.

If you Google the words DJ Pitt Garcia, you will find all sorts of photos on the net. He is a Brazilian male model and works as a DJ as well. I believe he works as a DJ full time and does modeling on the side.

If you haven't been to Brazil, it's the best time to go. You will see more of DJ Pitt Garcia anywhere you go in Brazil. Male models abound.

More Pictures after the JUMP

He's got a lot of videos on Youtube as well.

Here's a sample:

Now, what do you think? Would you visit Brazil now?

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