Sunday, February 6, 2011

One day, I will drive a BMW. That's a promise.

I've worked hard. I had been working since I was 18-years old and I have done well. For me, doing well does not mean having all the luxuries in the world but having the comforts of a roof over your head, being independent and healthy.

Since I started working at the age of 18, I've done all kinds of jobs. I've worked at a gas station, I've done car cell phone installations (yes, they used to have those huge tranceivers and phones like the size of your home phone when cell phones first came out), and working at a kitchen in a nursing home.

None of those jobs deterred me from getting the job that I wanted. I have always wanted to work in an office and when I finally got the chance, I jumped and worked very hard to climb the corporate ladder. From being a clerk, I am now a IT Project Manager for an international company. Nothing came easy but I can say that hard work does pay off.

I'm not really into luxury cars but most recently, I have been thinking of trading in my SUV for a BMW. I figured, I worked hard all these years, I deserve it. Don't get me wrong, I may not settle for a BMW - I also like the mercedes benz cl-class. If I am not willing to totally blow out my budget and get a new car, I could also settle for the volvo s60. I am not that picky but if given the choice from all three, I still would prefer to get the mercedes benz cl-class if I could.

My SUV is still new but all paid for. Trading it in now will get me the best bang for my buck. Yes readers. It's on my goal list for this year. In addition to getting fit and staying fit, I want to get a BMW. Any thoughts?

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