Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who's itching to do spring cleaning in the middle of February? I am.

Hey guys! I love dogs. I mean, not just any dog of course. I have a dog and I could crate him when I'm out of the house but when I'm in the house, I simply have to let him out. He's good and house-trained and all but there are moments when he still gets accidents. I have a co-worker who doesn't mind if her dog does the number two inside because she said you just pick it up and clean after it and it's good. She hates it when her dog does the number one because it's harder to clean it and of course, the odor stays.

I have been having the same issue with my dog (Jake is the name in case you wanna know). It happens very seldom but when it does, I get frustrated. It's okay if you are right there and you know what just happened so you can clean it up and spray it with whatever odor removal spray you got. But it's those times when you do not know that he did it and that's where the odor problem (and probably bacteria as well) comes in and I cannot stand it.

So, each spring I get into the spring-cleaning mode. I make it a point that I have all my carpets at home to be professionally steam-cleaned. Have you ever done it? It's really easy to find one but it's hard to pick the best one. There are advertisers out there who will advertise things like "steam clean two rooms and the third room is free" and things like that. I don't normally go for those. I usually search the web and when I do, I still pick and choose. I search the web using the keywords and the location. For example, if I lived in Austin, TX - I will simply type in "deep steam carpet cleaning austin" and do my search. Of course, I will get a listing but it's up to me which company to choose.

But steam-cleaning is a process and I've hired people in the past who will generally leave my carpet soaking wet. Those companies you want to avoid. Or to be sure, just type in the same way using keywords and location like "desicant dehumidification austin" and get a company to help dehumidify your home.

But we know that these are hard times. If you think that the price quotes you've received are way too high, you can also do it yourself. I have rented a carpet steamer before. Again, Google is your friend. Using keywords, "do it yourself carpet cleaner" can get you what you need.

I wonder what we did before the internet.. really?! I mean there's the phone book but if I ask my nephew (who is about 4 years of age), what a phone book is - he would probably look at me like I have two heads.

It's time for me to do my yearly spring cleaning. I have the Veterans of America scheduled to pick up my used clothing (still in perfect condition), I have a list of stuff I want to sell on eBay to clean my attic - - and most of all - - I want to get the old winter air inside the house and replaced with spring-fresh air. I just wish that the weather gets to warming up already.

Here's to spring! Hope all of you folks out there are ready to start your spring cleaning as well! It's almost the weekend, you can smile now.

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