Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So, let me continue with my Grindr story....

Yes folks, my story isn't finished yet.  The Grindr experiment continues.  

Did you know that there are guys out there who actually are partnered but are still on Grindr?  Not only that their partners allow them to, their partners are sometimes involved as well.  I just don't get that.  

Then, there are these people who are just online to have a virtual relationship.  No hookups they say and no strings attached.  But then again, how can you not?

So, my buddy who is doing this experiment tells me daily stories of his encounters.  He gets phone numbers all the time.  And I don't even know how he keeps up with them but he does.

One interesting story was about a guy who actually fell in love with my buddy.  How can that be?  One time meeting and that's it... then, you'd say you fell in love?  On Grindr?   I don't get it. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An experiment. It was a fun experiment but the results were confusing but true.

Have you ever heard of Grindr?  Of course you have.  It is a gay App for hooking up.  You know how hard it is to meet people out there and gays like me and my friends find every way to meet that perfect someone.

One of my friends created an experiment on Grindr.  He posted a photo (not his) and pretended that it was him.  The guy was perfect, of course. 

The premise of the experiment is to find out if people will really fall in love and be interested in a person regardless of how he looked.  We all know that gay men are the hardest to please when it comes to looks and even though they would always say that looks don't matter in love, it does matter a lot.

Story continues below.....

So, every time he would open his Grindr App, there would be about 50 messages from people who would like to chat. (Read: Hook Up)  He would talk to them.  Some would bore him to death and he will block the person or gently tell him that he's not his type.

This went on for about a week.  He met so many people (not physically obviously). 

But, then he met this one person who peaked his interest.  The person was also taken aback by my friend's personality and they hit it off pretty quickly.