Monday, November 28, 2011

You take care of your body by working out. Don't neglect your skin.

So, are you still full from your Thanksgiving pig out? Ha!

Well, I had a great Thanksgiving dinner at home. I hosted this time for a few buddies of mine who do not have family around the area. There were six of us and it was simply nice and quiet. But, since I had four days with nothing much to do but cook for Thanksgiving and shop on Black Friday, I decided to go with a buddy to get a facial and eye treatment done. It was the greatest Thanksgiving gift I have given to myself.

If you work out religiously, you must really be concerned about the way you look and feel. If nothing else, you should also be concerned about your skin. I have been working out for several years now and I had at times neglected to take care of my skin. I noticed dark circles forming under my eyes and the only thing that worked for me was an ultrasonic treatment. I had it done two years ago while I was traveling but it’s time to get the treatment again. It was advised that I get an eye treatment regularly as regular as every week! I had the treatment done and you can instantly see the dark circles under my eyes lighten up after the first treatment alone.

There are many different treatments for your skin that you should make use of in order for your skin to generate new cells and maintain a youthful look. But it could be expensive. If I go for an eye treatment every week, it would cost me $65.00 each time. So, I started looking for the machine online just to compare the price if I get the machine myself. I found all sorts of machines available on the market including a Baby Quasar LED light therapy. The Photo Facial could be very expensive and probably, if you purchase the machine yourself – it could be paid for with the value several visits to the dermatologist. Just because you work out and your body looks great, doesn’t mean that you have to neglect your skin. Take care of your skin as you do your body. Believe me, you will feel more confident and refreshed.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mexican Model - Alan Valdez

When you look into the eyes of Alan Valdez, you can almost feel it pierce your soul.  Just look at the second phot (above).  And look at that chiseled body!  OMG!

He is 23 years old and he lives in Miami.  He's got a facebook page too.  If you'd like, you can go and "like" his fan page here

I'd like to have him for Thanksgiving!  LOL!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Sunday Folks! It's time to relax and rest.

I don't know about you folks but for me, Sundays are the best.  It's the best time to sit back and think about nothing.  I usually get up on Sundays, turn my laptop on and read news.  Yes, I read news!  :)
It's just a catch up day.  A day to recover from your hangover, or even catch up on sleep if you stayed out late the night before.  And for some folks, it's time to go and spend that one hour in church.  It works for some!

But Sundays are meant for days just like that.  A day to relax.  Come on, you've stressed out all week from work, you've had your cocktails that you thought would help you forget about work.  Now, it's time to get back to reality and realize that working is a part of life and that tomorrow, you will have to go back and do the same thing over again.

My point?  There's no sense in stressing out about Monday.  Just enjoy your time, watch some TV or even go for a walk (I would go for a walk).  Take your mind off of heavy things and simply relax.  You'll find out that your Mondays are a lot better if you don't stress out about it.

I know.  :)

Have a great week folks! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Male Model - Daniel Rumfelt - Sizzling. Will you work out to look this good?

Working out is such a challenge.  I only get motivated if I see bodies like this one.  Daniel Rumfelt makes me wanna work out six days a week.  Wouldn't you?  Just so you can look that good?   Only if I had the time.  I can only work out three times a week and that's already a stretch.  With two dogs, a full time job and school - there is barely enough time for me to go to the gym.  But I make time.  If I don't, I will feel such a loser next to a guy like Daniel.  

Getting Control

Posted by Hyman Weeks

Taking charge of my life was something I decided to do last year. I was fresh off of a divorce and I felt like I was just working myself to the bone in this dead end job and really, I just needed a break. Inspired by the channels I’d been watching through those direct tv deals I got, I decided to travel. I packed up everything I owned an put it in my brother’s basement and with one giant backpack and a one-way ticket to India I set out. It was really a soul changing experience for me and I can’t imagine my life now without having that time to reflect. I was on the road for about 6 months and though I could have stayed out longer I think it was just enough time for me to really come back invigorated and with a new sense of purpose. I now have a job freelancing as an editor and I’m even dating again – things are looking up for me and the life I never knew I’d have!

Drug Rehab stints for Celebrities. Sometimes it works. At times...

I don't understand. Lindsay Lohan is showing many signs that if left untreated and alone, she may end up like Amy Winehouse. With the community service that she is doing at the morgue in California, I wonder if she is really getting it. Drug and alcohol addiction have caused many lives to spiral out of control. But there are enablers out there. Imagine a Playboy shoot for $1 million dollars? Why? Because she is notorious and gets attention?

I really would like her to check into a drug abuse rehab clinic for good until she is ready and well. Sending her to jail isn't going to help much because she will only post bail and get out in two weeks anyway due to the overcrowding in California prisons. So, what's the point?

Why can't she be checked in by her own parents to a reliable and worthy drug abuse rehab center? Is it because she's over 21 years old? That she can do whatever she wants with her life? Is it really that bad for parents or anyone to intervene to save someone's life?

Sometimes I just don't understand. Laws are supposed to protect us. But sometimes laws are the actual things that make people abandon us.