Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Drug Rehab stints for Celebrities. Sometimes it works. At times...

I don't understand. Lindsay Lohan is showing many signs that if left untreated and alone, she may end up like Amy Winehouse. With the community service that she is doing at the morgue in California, I wonder if she is really getting it. Drug and alcohol addiction have caused many lives to spiral out of control. But there are enablers out there. Imagine a Playboy shoot for $1 million dollars? Why? Because she is notorious and gets attention?

I really would like her to check into a drug abuse rehab clinic for good until she is ready and well. Sending her to jail isn't going to help much because she will only post bail and get out in two weeks anyway due to the overcrowding in California prisons. So, what's the point?

Why can't she be checked in by her own parents to a reliable and worthy drug abuse rehab center? Is it because she's over 21 years old? That she can do whatever she wants with her life? Is it really that bad for parents or anyone to intervene to save someone's life?

Sometimes I just don't understand. Laws are supposed to protect us. But sometimes laws are the actual things that make people abandon us.

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