Monday, November 28, 2011

You take care of your body by working out. Don't neglect your skin.

So, are you still full from your Thanksgiving pig out? Ha!

Well, I had a great Thanksgiving dinner at home. I hosted this time for a few buddies of mine who do not have family around the area. There were six of us and it was simply nice and quiet. But, since I had four days with nothing much to do but cook for Thanksgiving and shop on Black Friday, I decided to go with a buddy to get a facial and eye treatment done. It was the greatest Thanksgiving gift I have given to myself.

If you work out religiously, you must really be concerned about the way you look and feel. If nothing else, you should also be concerned about your skin. I have been working out for several years now and I had at times neglected to take care of my skin. I noticed dark circles forming under my eyes and the only thing that worked for me was an ultrasonic treatment. I had it done two years ago while I was traveling but it’s time to get the treatment again. It was advised that I get an eye treatment regularly as regular as every week! I had the treatment done and you can instantly see the dark circles under my eyes lighten up after the first treatment alone.

There are many different treatments for your skin that you should make use of in order for your skin to generate new cells and maintain a youthful look. But it could be expensive. If I go for an eye treatment every week, it would cost me $65.00 each time. So, I started looking for the machine online just to compare the price if I get the machine myself. I found all sorts of machines available on the market including a Baby Quasar LED light therapy. The Photo Facial could be very expensive and probably, if you purchase the machine yourself – it could be paid for with the value several visits to the dermatologist. Just because you work out and your body looks great, doesn’t mean that you have to neglect your skin. Take care of your skin as you do your body. Believe me, you will feel more confident and refreshed.

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