Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thank you! I will continue to blog... just because you're there...

Do you like blind items?  Ha!  I do.

There is someone I know who is closest to my heart.  I know that he is not so happy in the relationship that he's in right now but he is simply going where the wind is blowing.  We all have reasons why we stay in a relationship, and sometimes - for not very good reasons.

I decided to end a relationship of four years I had three years ago simply because I know that I was not happy.  I could tell that my partner then wasn't happy as well.  But we stayed together for four years just because that's where the wind was blowing.   

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Until you find yourself able to admit to yourself that the direction where the wind is blowing is not where you want to go, you will continue to ride the swift blows.  And I can fully understand how he feels.  He must have a very good reason why he is staying in a relationship which I know is going to ruin him emotionally.  I do hope that he realizes that there are other people out there who will be willing and able to love him for who he really is, not for what he has.

You know who you are.  My heart is with you.

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