Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Should I move my blog from blogger to a self-hosted blog?

I have been blogging on this site for years and I have some faithful readers (thanks to all three of you! haha!), who have stuck by my blog through thick and thin.  There were times when I haven't even written a single post for two months and yet, they still come back.

I thought about moving this blog over to a self-hosted blog but I kind of like it here.  Blogger has been good to me and there's really not much maintenance I have to do except in making sure that content is fresh and that the blog at least has one new post every month.

While looking through my options, I found Fatcow Review, which is site where you can find web hosting reviews.  It provides you information about anything and everything you need to know about web hosting.  And the best part that I loved?  The coupon codes!   Imagine finding the best option and pricing for a web host and then get a coupon on top of it for another discount?  How much better could it be?

For now, I will remain with Blogger but if ever I do think of moving off my blog to a self-hosted blog - - I know where I should go for better price, better reviews, and coupon codes.

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