Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stop Joseph Kony - #JosephKony2012 Make him famous!!!

If I have to blog anything else this year, this is one video that I must share with all of my readers.  An atrocity that has to be stopped and it has to happen this year.  A man named Joseph Kony who is responsible for the abduction of children in Uganda is on the lose.  We must stop him.  The world has to know about You must watch the video to understand this campaign.  It is a must-see and must-do.  You cannot sit around and watch in silence.  We must do something about it and I am imploring you to share this page on your Facebook pages, Twitter tweets, Tumblr and other social media sites that you can use to spread the word.
April 20th is a big day.  We must prepare - we need to have Joseph Kony captured soon ... Watch the video below.  I promise it is worth 29 minutes of your time.

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