Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This guest post from Hong Alexander

One of my best friends moved to Birmingham a little over three years ago. She originally planned on attending dental school in the “ham”, but decided that she would rather go to law school. I am in graduate school and have to do as much studying as she does, so sometimes on the weekends, I head over to her place and we study all weekend. It is fun because we study for the morning hours, watch a Netflix movie in the afternoon using her wireless internet stamford and her BLU-RAY wi-fi player, and then in the evenings we cook dinner. We get up early enough that we get a good six hours of studying done on a weekend day ( which is a lot) and then we get to have fun in the evenings. “The Ham” is only four hours away from me, I probably should start visiting her more often. I would probably get more school work done and have more fun! I feel so much better about myself when I study on the weekends.

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