Monday, April 2, 2012

Health is still number one guys!

Last December, I was in Chicago for a gay wedding when I felt a sting right in the middle of my rib cage before I gave my toast to the groom. I thought it was gas pain and I found it weird because I've never felt it before. A week later, I was going to attend our company Christmas party when I felt the pain again. It wasn't really painful at first but then it spread across my abdomen and by the time 6:00 p.m. came around, I was in total pain. My plans on going to the Christmas party changed dramatically.

It turned out that my appendix was inflamed and I had an appendectomy that evening. I was okay after the surgery and in fact, I only stayed two days at the hospital. When I got home, I was told that I should recover fully in two weeks. The wounds will heal and the pain from the surgery will go away.

Two weeks passed and I still had extreme pain under the abdominal area. I couldn't figure what it is. During my follow-up visit with my surgeon, he told me that according to the symptoms that I gave him, he suspects UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). I have never had this ever! Come to think of it, I had a catheter put in while I went for surgery and my doctor said that sometimes, these causes infection. Yikes! He wrote a prescription of antibiotics for me It's been three months now and every time I feel something weird around the abdominal area, I automatically think UTI. I don't ever want to go through that again. It was painful.

Health will always be important and you have to make sure to go for an annual check-up to have your doctor look under the hood.  You just never know. Any diseas if treated early, can prevent lots and lots of complications.  If I had waited another day when I had that pain during our Christmas party, my appendix would have raptured. 

I get checked every year specially for prostate cancer.  There are many more options to treatment for prostate cancer than the traditional surgery available.  Have you heard of HIFU?

HIFU (HIGH INTENSITY FOCUSED ULTRASOUND) is an alternative to treating prostate cancer.  It is less-invasive and have much less complications compared to surgery.  If you ever find that you have prostate cancer,  look into HIFU first. 

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