Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I made a promise. This year is going to be it!

I've had this bad habit for years. From reading my blog, you probably won't even think that I have this habit and if I told you, you probably won't believe it. But I do. And it's bad.

I have tried for many years to quit smoking.  Yes, folks, I smoke.  It was a habit I picked up in high school that has accompanied me to this day.  I have tried many times to quit.  I was successful for one full year at one point but under extreme stress (a likely excuse), I went back to it.

Being physically fit and looking great isn't all that if I continue to smoke.  I need to stop smoking now! I have tried using smoking cessation programs, cold turkey, patches, e-cigarettes, and many others but have not succeeded.

This year, I vowed to do the best that I can to kick this habit. I will no longer be a slave to smoking.

Do you know what is motivating me to stop? The price of cigarettes. See, my mom was right in saying that if you want to get someone's attention, take their money away. It has gotten my attention.

One time, I met a friend in New York City and in the process of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, I dropped my pack of cigarettes unknowingly. When I reached into my pocket and found that I lost it, I freaked out. I needed to get another pack.

I went to the store and guess how much I was charged for a pack of cigs? $12 dollars!!!!! Not only did I pay $12 dollars for a pack, I realized how addicted I was to smoking. Why couldn't I wait until I drove back home and pay half as much?

Realizing that, I told myself that I will find a way or reason to quit smoking. I think, I just did.

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