Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A healthy body needs a healthy mind as well.

I remember when I worked in Los Angeles, I worked with a guy who I didn't think had epilepsy.  He's totally fit, participates in regattas and very handsome man.

I never knew how an epileptic seizure attack was until I witnessed him suffer through it.  It was kind of strange because at one point, we were all having lunch and having a good laugh when he suddenly stood up and said that he didn't feel well. In that instant, he fell to the ground and started shaking profusely with his eyes turning to the back of his head.

We were a bit scared for him but my boss at the time knew of his condition and simply asked us to remove all the desks and chairs around him and just let him be.  We hurriedly moved all the objects that may hurt him and gave him the space that he needed.  In a few minutes, it was over.

We were all scared and didn't even know how to react to him after he regained consciousness.  He told me later that he has had this condition for a while and what caused the seizure was his lack of personal attention to his health.  He's been drinking alcohol non-stop and partying up a storm before this episode occurred.

As I try to become healthy and fit, I think that our well-being is a mixture of all things - mentally, spiritually and physically.   If we ignore any of these, we may have to suffer the consequences. 
Adult epilepsy can be controlled.  With the proper medication and a healthy lifestyle, you can live normally with epilepsy.

Before I knew that he had epilepsy, I would always ask him to go for happy hours and such.  We were all young and we didn't even think of it at that time.  But like everything else, there's a limit to everything that we can do.  We have to pay attention to our bodies.  If something doesn't feel right, we should get it checked out.

Having a great body doesn't mean much if we are lacking the spiritual and mental well-being.   Going to the gym daily doesn't mean we are healthy.  Pay attention to everything.  Fitness is not skin deep.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Vacation time is almost here. Iguazu Falls is waiting.

I didn't think that I will  be able to take an international vacation this year.  This year was supposed to be a "save-save-save" year.  Besides, airfare costs have gone up like mad and it's costly enough to be on vacation, let alone spend a fortune on airfare. 

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