Monday, June 4, 2012

Vacation time is almost here. Iguazu Falls is waiting.

I didn't think that I will  be able to take an international vacation this year.  This year was supposed to be a "save-save-save" year.  Besides, airfare costs have gone up like mad and it's costly enough to be on vacation, let alone spend a fortune on airfare. 

Continued after the JUMP:

But then, I contacted my travel agent with a very small chance of getting reasonable airfare for Brazil.  She told me that I could fly to Brazil for $***.** only!  I was like, "Seriously?".  "It went on sale this morning", she said. 

Out of impulse, I booked my trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil and will be heading out in a week.  There goes my "save-save-save" goal for this year.

I need a break from work so bad so this probably wouldn't be such a bad thing.  I'm visiting Falls de Iguazu for the first time and crossing to Argentina for a day. 

This should be fun!  I'll post photos when I return.

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