Thursday, July 26, 2012

Feeling: Watched a film the other night called "School Ties".

It's been a while since I've seen a good film.  I remember the days of "Dead Poet Society" and "Goodwill Hunting".  

The other night, I was browsing through movies on my 30-day trial Netflix account when I stumbled upon the film entitled "School Ties". What caught my attention is how young and goodlooking Brendan Frasier was in this film. It also stars Matt Damon, Chris O' Donnell and Ben Affleck. (They were incredibly young-looking and gorgeous as well!)

I checked the synopsis and upon reading it, I just clicked play.

Here's a brief synopsis.

Set in the 1950s, School Ties sheds light on the "true" nature of the old boys club. David Green (Fraser), a supreme athlete, is granted admission to an exclusive boarding school reserved for the country's blue bloods. Green hopes to use the school to get into Harvard, while the school uses him to win football championships. Everything is going as planned until a spoiled classmate Charlie Dillon (Damon), finds out that Green is Jewish. Given the time and circumstances, this does not sit well with his classmates. The movie comes to a climax when the classmates are forced to choose between Green and Dillon in a cheating scandal. The movie really highlights the religious inequality that took place at that time in America. One also comes to realize how the elite maintain their status and privilege by attending schools such as the one in this movie. Written by Delmar Wright 
The story caught my eye and I realized that Jews in America back in the 50s are like gays in America from the beginning up to the late 90s (stereotyped and discriminated against).  We tried to hide who we are simply because we feel like we're not going to be accepted.  Thank goodness, time has changed the attitude of most people about both.  Yet, we still need a lot of improvement on the latter. Discrimination is discrimination whether its due to religion or sexual orientation.

I thought it was a good film worthy to be seen once.  Brendan Frasier was honest to the role (and you see Matt Damon's booty too!!).  

Here's the trailer in case you're interested:

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