Sunday, September 30, 2012

My road to wellness.

I have adopted juicing for a month now.  So far, I lost 13 pounds and counting.  It's not that bad.  I thought that drinking vegetable juices would be awful but I have learned to like it.  The next step I have to do is to get back in the gym and start working out again.

I am taking small steps and I am hoping that in these little steps, I can be well on my way to becoming healthier and happier. 

The one thing left that I am struggling with is quitting smoking.  I have turned do different methods in order to quit.  I tried cold turkey.  I tried smoking cessation medications.  I tried patches.  None of them have worked.

What has helped me reduce my smoking was the use of e-cigarrettes.  Some people say that it doesn't work but it works for me.  At least, to some degree, I have reduced my smoking from a pack a day to a half a pack a day.  I feel good about that.  It's a start.  And if I can go for months with it, maybe smoking will eventually be a thing of my past. 

Becoming healthy is a conscious decision.  If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you have to start now.  Little things you do in your life can mean a lot. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Holding on to summer. Yes, folks - Autumn officially begins today.

Yes folks.  Say goodbye to those flip flops, swimming trunks, barbecues, and hanging out at the park.  Today starts a new season - Autumn.

I love everything about this season except when it gets really cold.  Today isn't too bad.  The color changes of the leaves of trees around me and the mess of it falling all over the place.  But, all-in-all, it's really a wonderful season.  One that I celebrate because it's a change.  Any change is good.  Without the seasons, I don't know what I would do with myself.  It'll be nice to have summer-like weather all the time but who wants to put up with the heat and sweat and shirtless men all over the place? (uhhhhmmmm... well!)

Here's wishing you folks a great season and let's look forward to Thanksgiving. You know it's coming right?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shared Responsibilities. Shared Opportunities. Bipartisan slogan. DNC - Who will you vote for this November?

I don't know about y'all.  I have been listening to both parties.  Republican and Democrats.  During the conventions which were held in the past two weeks, I listened to what they had to say.  I wanted to make the right choice.  I think after I heard both parties - I have made up my mind.  I am voting for President Barack Obama.  Why?  Here's why...

The points given by former President Bill Clinton couldn't have been any clearer.  The economy was in a downward spiral when President Obama took office.  He said that none of his predecessors including himself, could have fixed what President Obama found when he took office.

He also said that President Obama had to make his choices immediately after taking office.  His plans, although unpopular to many (including the bailout of GM) worked!  It stopped the economy from careening towards a depression.

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