Sunday, November 4, 2012

Top 25 Sexy Male Celebrities. Would you agree?

Each one of us have different views on what we like about men.  Some like them muscular, some like them slim.  Others like older men, while the rest likes younger men.

Whatever you look for in a man to call them goodlooking, it can be satisfied by the plethora of choices we have available to us today.

I for one, do not depend on looks alone.  I enjoy all shapes and sizes.  Yes, I go for muscular at times, but there are times that I find guys who have a bit of belly in them.  It all depends on what you're looking for right?

There were times that I found men attractive because they were goofy.  Sometimes, I found them attractive because they adore children and can relate to them.  And very rarely, I find men with strong convictions to their faith or have nothing but dedication to their family quite attractive.

So here are the Top 25 men I consider sexy in their own way.  You will notice that the range is wide.  That's how I am.  It's not all looks for me.  Looks can easily fade when they start talking.  You will find out what I mean.....when you meet them.

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