Sunday, February 17, 2013

Maximum Male Beauty - Danilo Bortman Photo Gallery

You may have noticed that I blog very infrequent these days.  It's just been too crazy for me nowadays.  With work and school, it's quite difficult to find the time and energy to create a blog post. 

Notably as well, you are probably wondering why I don't write as often as I did before.  Coming home from work after a stressful day and thinking about something to write about is as exciting as getting my eyes poked out with  a spoon.  But I know that you are all out there waiting for the next post, the next story about anything and everything that is on my mind.

I have been trying my best to continue blogging.  It's been difficult for me because time is my enemy.  When I get home, I look around the house and I know that there's laundry to be done, dishes to put away, cleaning, dusting, and every chore you can imagine.  It's tax season and I haven't even filed my taxes yet.

The only saving grace here is that I admire men like you do.  It gives me a good feeling to know that you are all out there following my blog.

I once had a comment here that gave me a good reason to continue.  Someone once said in a comment that they don't really care about the photos because gorgeous male photos are all over the web.  They really care about what I write and the stories I tell.

You are all in luck.  I think that even with my lack of time (trying to get fit for the summer as well and I've been going to the gym 3-4 times a week on top of everything), I will make an effort to write and tell you stories about what's going on with my life.

It has been a long journey with this blog and many of you have encouraged me to continue.  For that, I thank you.

Watch out for my next posts.  I do have a lot of stories to tell and do leave comments from time to time so I know that you're still out there, waiting.  :)

Good night!

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